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For those hunting headstones at Banham, did you know there is an extension to the Banham greveyard just up the road from the church?

46) Old documents relating to Old Buckenham for sale

I have a number of old documents in my possession which came to me via a recent local auction, most of which are associated with Old Buckenham. for anyone tracing family history they may be of interest. I am slowly working my way through them and to begin with I have a scruffy paper hand-written document entitled ‘extracts from the statutory declaration of Robert Haward dated 11 november 1874’.
No property is mentioned but the names therein include:
Francis Doggett and wife Ann nee Scales. Farmer of Old Buckenham.
Charles Betts. William Scales. Thayne and Bert. The children of Eliza and John Foster: Emma nee Foster and husband William Wright. Martha nee Foster and husband John Hollowell. Also Arthur Foster.
If anyone is interested it will be very cheap as the condition isn’t great.
Many thanks
Ruth Fisher

45) George Lee, b1896

I’m trying to find out more about my wife’s grandfather, George Lee, and am wondering if you or anyone else can help.George Lee (b. 1896) married Ivy Ethel Mary Petitt (b.1903) at Old Buckenham Parish Church on 2 June 1926. In the marriage certificate George Lee gave his occupation as “chauffeur”, which we know to be true. But George Lee’s earlier life is a mystery to his descendants. My wife was told as a child that her grandfather was born in Scotland and ran away from home to England as a teenager but I’ve not been able to find any likely George Lee in Scottish or English birth or census records.

Unfortunately, George Lee’s marriage certificate to Ivy Petitt records his father’s name also as George Lee and his father’s occupation also as chauffeur. We believe neither of these to be true. We suspect either that George Lee lied about his father (not unlikely as he was known to be secretive about his past, and a fantasist, and we know that he lied about his age in the marriage certificate) or that the rector made a mistake in recording the details of the bridegroom.

We believe that at the time of his marriage George Lee was living in London and, as was the common practice, got married in the parish in which his wife-to-be lived. My pet theory is that he was employed as chauffeur by someone of wealth who had houses in London and in Old Buckenham or nearby, and that he met his future wife Ivy Petitt during the course of his duties chauffeuring his employer between London and Old Buckenham. Ivy Petitt was, we understand, employed as a lady’s maid in or near Old Buckenham, though we don’t know by whom.

To pursue my theory I needed to try to identify possible employers of George Lee, in the hope that I could find some reference to him in their household or personal records. Lionel Robinson and Sir Freddy Duleep Singh emerged as two possibilities. (I’m obsessed with cricket and had previously heard of them both in connection with Robinson’s cricket ground at Old Buckenham Hall). They died in 1922 and 1926 respectively so I looked in their wills to see whether they’d left money to their servants/employees. They had. But Robinson’s chauffeur was named as A. Cain and, unhelpfully, Duleep Singh left money to his chauffeur without naming him.

That’s as far as I’ve got, and it’s a dead end. I’d be deeply grateful for any help or suggestions for further avenues to pursue.

Best wishes,

Richard Corden

44) Banham Grammer School
re message 42, 38 and 28

In May 1979, the old grammar school was converted into 4 cottages, of which I live in No 4. My house originally stood alone, but in about 1875, three extensions were added, made of hollow ‘Banham’ bricks, by Mr Gilbert, brick maker, at a cost of £130-£140. Later a chemistry block was added, opposite my house, but this has been demolished.Part of my house is far older than the extensions, an estimated date being 1580 and was purported to be a dame school. This, and the extensions added to it was a boarding school, taking pupils from as far away as America, Rumania and Ireland. Each cottage had a downstairs bathroom at the front and dormitories on the upper floor. In my living room is a walled up entrance into another property (now No 6) which was the Headmaster’s house.

The first Headmaster was William Cole, (b 1837 at Dickleborough, Norfolk), son of John and Maria Cole. He married Susannah Fiske in 1857; they had 8 children. He was a Freemason at the Montgomerie Lodge, Diss.
In 1861, aged 26, William Cole was a schoolteacher, living at 13 Church Green, Banham, with his wife, her sister and his baby son.
In 1871 The family were living at the School House, Church Green, with 3 teachers, 3 servants and 15 pupils, aged between 8 and 14yrs.
In 1881 the school was called Church Green Commercial School, William now had 8 children, 3 of whom were teachers at the school, along with a further 2 teachers. They had 4 servants, one of whom was a ‘wardrobian’. By this time the school had been extended and had 39 students, ranging between 8 and 15yrs. Children came from all over the UK, including London, Middlesex, Essex, Yorkshire and even from the USA, Rumania and Ireland.

In 1891 they were living with 6 of their children, 2 of whom were university students, and 3 were teachers, 5 servants but only 3 boarders. William Cole died on 18 May 1900, leaving £3162 3s 6d to his sons, James Henry and Frederick George Cole. In St Mary’s church, Banham, there is a decorated plaque to him, which shows the affection parishioners had for him and that he was admired and respected.
In 1901 Frederick Cole had taken over the school, now called a private Grammar School. He lived with his widowed mother and 3 unmarried siblings, 3 assistant school teachers, 5 servants and 20 boarding students. The school closed in 1909.

Frederick George Cole
The third son of William and Susannah Cole, b. 14 March 1868 in Banham, baptised in Banham church on 12 April 1868. The last Headmaster of Banham Grammar School. Entered Cambridge University: 1892, BA 1895, MA 1902. He first married aged 37yrs, Elsie Margaret Wheeler, 21yrs, on 10 August 1905, at Stoke Newington, London. Elsie died in July 1911, leaving their 3 children aged 4, 2 and 1 month respectively. When widowed, he married, aged 46yrs, at Haringey, Daisie Elsie Lee Southernwood, a widow of 26yrs, daughter of Edward Montegue, on 17 May 1914. He became Headmaster in 1900 and continued until the school closed in 1909. He became the Headmaster of Thetford Grammar School in 1910 and retired from there in 1930.

In his book ‘Thetford Grammar School – 14 Years of Education’, David Seymour writes:
“Frederick Cole, head and former owner of Banham Grammar School, beat 133 applicants to succeed as Head of Thetford Grammar School in 1910. School numbers benefitted from the 26 boys he brought with him when he closed Banham Grammar School. His old boys held him in great affection. His obiturist in the school magazine remembered his unfailing courtesy and a sternness balanced by a sense of humour.
In his letter of resignation Mr Cole spoke of his ‘real regret’ in leaving but felt that the school needed a younger man. He had served the school for 21 years.”

On every wall of the old school, you can find names, dates and initials carved into the brickwork by boys. My favourite is a list:
LW Eagle (Leonard William)
RE Eagle (Edmund)
W Eagle
Bad lads! I wonder if any of them were punished for defacing the school…… after all, the culprits weren’t hard to find.

All best wishes,

43) Banham General Stores

I am trying to find some information on the old general stores that is situated on Crown Street and wondered if you may be able to help. Pehaps you may know of someone in the village who can recall when the shop was open.I specialise in capturing dereliction throughout Norfolk and am in the process of working on a book and I would like to include some images that were taken inside the premises and it would good to have some information to accompany them.

I have asked a few people in the village but alas, have had no joy.


Brian Wells

42) Banham Grammer School re message 28 and 38

There are two requests for information about Banham Grammar School (also called the Commercial School) They are no’s 28 (Vivienne) and 38 (Kim).I know something about it as I live in part of it! The school was converted into cottages in the 70s, Nos 1-4 – Grammar School Yard, I live in No 4. If you’d like more info please email email (G S Cowper)

41) re message 35 re George Balls.

I cannot help with Balls family history but have a comment about moving from Banham to Langcliffe near Settle Yorkshire.I am researching Davy family history, many of whom were born and lived in and around Banham, New Buckenham, Kenninghall area. The strange thing is that my great grandfather Alfred Davy, was born in New Buckenham, but his son, my grandfather Percy, was born in Settle. The more I go back, the more people I find with links between Settle, (in fact Langcliffe), and Banham area.
I have found an 1871 Settle census for Robert Davy household (age 45), and wife Louisa and 6 children plus 1 grandchild. They also had five boarders.I don’t know how or if this family fits in with my history, but Robert, Louisa and first 5 children born around New Buckenham area, last child and grandchild born in Langcliffe.Even stranger, one boarder, Jane Ling, born Kenninghall, (very close to New Buckenham).

There is also child of my great uncle, Anthony Davy, baptised in Attleborough (adjacent to New Buckenham) 17 May 1874, then died aged 3 and buried in Settle.

I am really puzzled about these connections between Langcliffe, (Settle) and Banham, Buckenham area, it seems too frequent to be a co-incidence.

Can anyone throw any light on this?
Feel free to email me direct on

Regards. Phil Davy.

40) Bethell
(Nov 2014)

I wonder if you can help me? My gt. grandfather, John Edgar Ward Bethell, Master Saddler, lived at 118 Church Green, Banham, as listed in the 1871 Census. Back, sometime in the 70s, my wife an I came to Banham in search of the address as part of my family history research. We found the house, were invited in and shown Gt.grandad’s original workshop somewhere round the back. As the somewhat rickety wooden steps up to it looked a little suspect the owner would not let us climb up but told us that it was still full of leather chippings when they bought the house. She then gave me a photocopy of a local street map which clearly showed a local passageway or similar named Bethell ?????. His initials gave rise to his name as ‘JEW’ Bethell. Unfortunately I have lost the photocopy and have searched Banham via Google Earth/Maps to find the site. Even Church Green seems to have been swallowed up into Church Hill. Please can you help this quest or pass the query to someone who is local and knows the area?
Many thanks.Geoff Gooding, Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire(please email with any information)

39) Palmer family, (notes 19, 15 and 3 in the list)
(Jan 2014)

Since last writing in 2007 (note 15), I found the earlier roots of the Palmer family were in nearby Wilby, where there are many Palmer graves in adjacent plots in the churchyard. Most males in the family were farmers in the area and through various Norfolk Wills it has been possible to trace a number of substantial farms passing from generation to generation, to sons, brothers or nephews in the 18th and 19th century. This includes my closest Palmer family in Old Buckenham (see note 15), and others buried in the churchyard. If anyone has an interest in this I can provide further details.I did eventually visit the village and the church a while back. It looks a pleasant place to live and work, as it must have been back in those times before the industrial revolution.

Best regards,
Gavin Ranson (

The familysearch website have just in the last few weeks added a lot of Norfolk electoral roll books to their resources, which is really helpful for finding property and land owned by family, including my Palmers in Old Buckenham for example. These records are easily searched and the scans freely downloadable.

This is the link:

38) Banham Commercial School 1880’s
(May 2013)

Wonder if you know anything about Commercial School in the 1880s. I’m researching my family tree . and my great grand father went to the school, was it a school for the blind (as he was blind)? He was born in London Mile End Old Town.
await your reply.Kind regards
Kim(please email with any information)

37) Burgum 1879

One of my ancestors Henry Cooper Burgum worked as a schoolmaster in Yorkshire and he appears at Walton, near Wetherby, Yorkshire in the 1871 census. However, the next we hear about Henry is when he dies on 3rd March 1879. His Will states that he was “late of Old Buckenham, County Norfolk”, leaving £450 to his wife Sarah Jane Burgum. As Henry was only 41 when he died, he was presumably teaching in Old Buckenham (rather than retired). Can anyone tell me what schools were there in the 1870’s and are there any records that might indicate if Henry Burgum taught there? Secondly does anyone have access the monumental inscriptions for the locality? Was Henry buried at Old Buckenham? Are there any other records that might indicate henry and Sarah’s time there?I am unable to visit the area as I am retired in Spain, so if anyone can help I would be most grateful.

Doug Burgum

(please email with any information)

36) Ludkin’s Brickyard

HelloI am helping my wife to research her family name and came across the website “banhamandthebucks”. My wife’s maiden name is Ludkin and I understand that there was a “Ludkin’s Brickyard” at Banham. I hope you do not mind me asking but do you know where in Banham this was? I would also like to gather any information about the company. The only information I have is the name of the brickyard. We are hoping to travel to Norfolk at the end of September and any information we can gather now will really help.

Paul Russell

35) George Balls alias Farrow, 1847See note 41

I have been trying to research the ancestors/siblings of George Balls alias Farrow – as he styles himself on his marriage certificate to Maria Deeks alias Harper in Banham on 14th September 1847. On the marriage certificate George gives his father’s name as William Farrow whose profession is cited as labourer. George Farrow alias Balls gives his profession as brick maker. He was born/baptised in Banham in 1828/1829 (on his marriage certificate he is listed as a minor).I have assumed that his name at birth was George Farrow and that either his parents weren’t married or his mother re-married a Balls. George is listed on the 1851 Banham Census living with grandfather John Moor (aged 70) and another grandson of John Moor’s William Ellis (aged 18) – all born in Banham, Norfolk according to the census. Then as George B Farrow in 1861 Banham census with wife Maria B Farrow. Then as George Farrow in 1871 Banham Census, and between 1871 and by 1881 is listed on the Langcliffe census near Settle, Yorkshire, having left Norfolk.

I hope you can help.
Ann Shepherd

34) Capes family, 1831

Hi, I’m tracing family from both Banham and Old Buckenham. The main line of inquiry is the Capes family.
Maria Capes (a great grandmother x 4) was born we believe in Old Buckenham, 12 Dec 1831.
But she was not a Capes. She man she called her father, James Capes (and referenced on her marriage certificate in 1862) had died in 1825 of Consumption And Typhoid Fever.
James had been married to a Maria Pinching (born 08 Apr 1794 in Banham), and together they had 5 children, the first 4 in Winfarthing, but the last Mary, in 1825, in Old Buckenham.
After James passed way, his wife seems to have a liason with an Edward Houchin, a widower. Edward and his wife Sarah Potter (who died in 1827) also had 5 children, the last, Ellis, born in 1824. All the children were baptised in Old Buckenham.
The liason resulted in Maria Capes (1831) but unfortunately Maria Pinching died a few months after the birth of Maria.
Likely as a result, when next we find her age 8, Maria is an inmate of Guiltcross Union Workhouse, on her own it seems.
There is something of a happy ending, as she did get out, ending up in Stony Stratford married into a family of Bakers and Cobblers named Marlow. Unfortunately she passed away in Stone Asylum, Bucks, in 1897. What caused her to be there, we do not yet know.
If anyone out there has information to share, or would like further details, please contact me.
Regards John Gosling

33) Down Moor, Old Buckenham 1901

1901 census has my WRIGHT family living at Down Moor Old Buckenham, on each search I do via Google this looks to be Downmoor Farm. I wonder if anyone can tell me if there was a Down Moor cottage or was Downmoor Farm the only place, I researched local maps where I found Downmoor Farm, but was there a Downmoor cottage I wonder ?
I am also interested in finding a connection with my family name of what looks to be surname FREWELL / TREWELL Chauffer during 1900-1911.Regards Tony.

32) Banhams 1720s-1870s
(Nov 2011)

I wondering if there might still be some “Banham’s” left in Banham.
My grandmother was a Banham. She was Clara Irene Banham, the youngest of 7 children. All 7 of the children were born in British Columbia, Canada.Her father, Alfred Banham (b: 20 Apr 1871; Forehoe Reistration District, Norfolk, England and d: 09 Mar 1956; Vancouver British Columbia, Canada) was the youngest child of 6, of cousins, Henry Banham and Mary Ann Banham. Alfred’s siblings were; Thomas, Alice Mary, Henry Jr., Marshall and Agnes Rachel.Henry Banham (bap. March 8, 1829 at Dunston, Norfolk, England d:Feb 1910 in Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada) was the 4th child, of 10, of William Banham and Mary Ann Waller.

Mary Ann Banham ((bap. March 4, 1831 at wickleford, Norfolk, England d: between 1871-1876) was the 1st of 4 daughters to Thomas Banham and his 2nd wife; Mary Ann Daniel. (his 1st wife was Elizabeth Hardy)

William and Thomas’ mother was Mary Banham (bap. Dec 29, 1765 in Tibenham, Norfoldk, England and d: Dec 9, 1851 in Old Buckenham, Norfolk, England.) She never listed anyone as her husband. There is some speculation that a fellow named “Palmer” may have been the father of at least one of her children, but I have no proof. Thomas and William were the 2nd and 3rd children respectively of 6. Their siblings were: George, Robert, Elizabeth and Marianne.

William was born (baptised?) April 3, 1794 in Attleborough, Norfolk, England and died March 18, 1874 in Dunston, Norfolk, England.

Thomas was born (baptised) dec 21, 1789 in Wrenningham, Norfolk, England and died June 16, 1856 in Flordon, Norfolk, England.

Mary Banham was the 3rd child of 6. Her parents were Robert Banham (1720; Norfolk, England – 1786, Wrenningham, Norfolk, England) and Anne Bond (1730, Wrenningham, Norfolk, England – 1786, Wrenningham, Norfolk, England).

I am looking for relatives that might know any storied about my great Grandfather, Alfred, prior to him leaving England. He left Liverpool, England aboard the “Southwark” and he arrived in Quebec, Canada on may 20, 1907.

I have dates, but know I am looking for the stories – why did Alfred leave England? My Grandmother said he had a falling out with his father.

I am also looking for pictures of the area that they may have lived in, of where they may be buried, and if I am lucky, maybe even of them!

(please email with any information)

31) Cracknell 1600s (June 2010)

On a recent visit to Banham Church I see you have CRACKNELL’s there. I have Cracknell’s moving into the area from Finchingfield Essex with connections with BELSHAM and LOVEDAY. Anyone interested I can trace Cracknell’s and Belshams to the mid 1600’s I would be interested to hear from any one with local information.
Many thanks,
James Cracknell (Spain)

30) Phoebe Pilgrim born in 1825 (Jan 2010)

My name is James Rasmussen from Sydney Australia. I am a relative of Phoebe Pilgrim born in 1825, Kenninghall, Norfolk. There is much information that her parents were Nathan Pilgrim and Bathsheba Aldous. She has her father listed on her marriage certificate as Thomas. Can anyone assist me with the correct information and how they arrived at this for confirmation purposes.
All the best, James Rasmussen

29) Banham Grammer School
June 09 (reply to 28)

As far as I understand, Banham School was established in 1875, the privatly owned grammer school ran alongside. It was run by Frederick Cole (b 14-3-1868).
The grammer school was in difficulties when he left in the summer of 1909 to become headmaster at Thetford Grammer, taking a number of boys with him. Banham Grammer School closed down soon after he left.

28) Banham Grammer School
May 09

Does anyone have any information on the former Banham Grammar School.
Any details much appreciated.
(reply to

27) Garrard 1869
March 09

Hello Paul, I’m researching the Garrard name from Old/New Buckenham and I come across your websit. I’m looking for the parents of Herbert Charles Garrard born Old Buckenham abt 1869. The nearest I can find is Robert Charles Garrod born New Buckenham 1839. Can anybody help, please? If any one can they can contact me on
Best regards, Frank Adams

28) Hunt 1792
Feb 09

Hi, I am searching for John Hunt b1792 Banham. I started with Hunts from Shotisham and it says on one census he was born at Banham. I have found a Elizabeth Hunt having a base born child John b 1792 and a James Hunt and Rachel Woods having son the same age. Please can any one help me?

27) Gilbert 1733
Dec 08

Hi, I am an ancestor of the Banham Gilberts and can go back to 1733 from the Parish Records. Please put anyone else researching my ancestors in touch with me. Also if you have any information that can take us back before 1733 we would love to know about it.
I visited the village in 1997 when the headstones were being removed for cleaning and repositioning. If you know of any GILBERT headstone, I would also like that information if you can be of help. Many thanks
Alexandra ( – please copy and paste))

26) Baxter, Old Buckenham, 1840s
Oct 08

I am trying to trace my maternal family tree. My maternal great-grandmother was Pamela Baxter (spelling of first name seems to change) whose parents were John (DOB abt 1843) and Emily nee Ellis (DOB abt 1862). They had two other children Frederick T Baxter (DOB 1889) and William J Baxter (DOB 1884). Between the 1881 and 1891 Census John died and in the 1891 Census William was listed as being a member of the crew in the Royal Navy in Hampshire. Some time following the 1891 Census the family with the exception of Pamela emigrated to South Africa and very little is known as to what happened to them following this although I do believe there were some difficulties during the troubles over there.

Any information that anyone has as to the ancestors of John and Emily would be greatly appreciated as would any information with regards to the family in South Africa.
Thank you for your assistance. Yours sincerely,
Lorraine Lees (Mrs) (

25) Chapman etc
Sept 08

I have been researching my Chapman and associated ancestors on and off for a few years. They appear to have spent many decades/centuries in Banham and the Buckenhams, as well as Wilby, Eccles Station etc.
I would be very pleased to hear from anyone with any information on the Bowles, Burroughes, Catchpole, Chapman, and Gedge families. Are there any descendants in the area now? Going back is easy – filling in the gaps from late 1800s onwards would be nice now.
More than willing to share what information I have.
Adrian Chapman (

24) Humphrey 1819
Sept 08

I am currently researching the Humphrey line of my family history, and so far have traced family members in Old Buckenham, and am seeking more info or stories.So far, I have traced:
Edward Humphrey (1819) who married Emily. They had 3 children: William (1841), Edward (1843), and Alfred (1847).
William (1840) went on to marry Emma. Together they had 3 children: Holl Roger (1879), Emma Jane (1882) and Lewis William (1884). I know that Lewis and Holl both died as a result of WW1. They lived at Sunnyside Cottages. We have visited the village and seen the commemorative plaque in the church and have discovered information about Holl and Lewis’s (Williams) movements in the war.
Emma Jane (1882) went on to have a son (illegitimate) George William (1913), the father of whom is not known (to me) and is not shown on the birth certificate. George William was my grandfather. Emma lived at Sunnyside Cottages for a while before leaving the village.
Any assistance you can offer at this stage would be greatly appreciated.
Regards, Stuart (

23) Grey/Taylor/Fry 189223) Grey/Taylor/Fry 1892
Sept 08

Wesleyan Chapel, Kenninghall Road
For more old photos of Banham take a look  at the Deja View section

I was wondering if anyone could help me in my research into the Grey family. I have just discovered a family bible presented to Mary E Grey on March 22 1892 for attendance at Banham Wesleyan Day School where she was a scholar for 8 years. I believe she married George Taylor in the Baptist Chapel in Banham on 4th August 1906. She was the daughter of James Gray (grey) and Elizabeth Grace Fry. Any information on these families would be of great assistance to me.The old photograph of the Wesleyan chapel would have been taken around this era and I was delighted to see it

Many thanks, Paddy Rusk

22) Cunningham/Fen Farm 1892
July 08

I would be grateful if you would post this request for information.My grandmother, May Cunningham, was born at Fen Farm Banham in 1892. Her parents were George and Mary Ann Cunningham and her brothers and sisters were Edith Phillis, George William (“Will”) – died 1930’s from after effects of gassing in WW1 – Jonathan (“Jack”) and Ernest Alfred (possibly nicknamed “Charlie”). I know that George and Mary Ann left the farm in the late 1920s and died in London but do not know why they left.

Not much known about Edith – found her working in a Norwich hotel on 1901 census.

I know Jack had been a policeman in London then ran a pub in Kenninghall and then retired to Banham (a bungalow, now demolished, at Overcross) with his wife Carrie (my mum used to stay there during summer holidays just before WW2) and have found their graves in the cemetery. A cousin of mum’s, Josie Cunningham, used to stay as well and they were great chums, but Mum lost touch with her during the war.

Ernest/Charlie married, I think, a Mary Jane Haynes – was she nicknamed Ginny or Janey? I think Will lived with Charlie in Kenninghall after WW1.

My grandmother left the farm during WW1 to do a horse drawn milk round in Richmond, South London, as all the chaps had gone off to war. She married and lived in Hammersmith.

The Cunninghams seem to be established in Banham for several generations (George’s father was Edmund, b 1831 who married Sarah Ann Chapman and his father was Jonathan b 1796 who married May [?]).

Mary Ann was a Pilgrim from Kenninghall – father was Evan b 1824 who married Sophia Turner and grandfather Nathan b 1790 (he seems to have married the exotically named Bathsheba Alldis or Aldous b 1773)

Any information about any of the Cunningham or Pilgrim families, whether the original Fen Farm still exists etc would be very gratefully received particularly by my elderly mother who, sadly, now has short term memory loss through dementia but whose fond memories of family and summers in Banham all those years ago are still very strong.

Many thanks. Kate Fisher (please copy and paste into your email programme)

21) Stainer 1900
May 08

This is something of a long shot.I’m researching my mother’s family, among others. Her mother’s maiden name was Stainer, and her family were from, loosely, Norfolk. Maurice Stainer, my grandmother’s father was, among other things, an itinerant photographer and Methodist lay preacher. The 1901 Census, for instance, has him on the Market Place at East Harling, living in a Caravan with his daughter Grace and son Stanley.

It is that son who has led me to your site, because an idle bout of Googling reveals Stanley’s name on the Banham War Memorial, as recorded on

This is the first time Banham has featured in my researches: the family had connections with Diss, Eye, Downham Market and other places of note, but never previously Banham. We knew of Stanley’s disappearance in the war, and the Arras Memorial, but of no memorial in this country.

So, my long shot is this: are there any other Banham records that might have reference to Maurice and/or his family? In particular, I have yet to find any photographs that may be tracked back to his wanderings.

Any help gratefully received!

Best wishes,

Steve Clarke

20) Chambers mid 1800
April 08

Hi Paul,Hope someone can help with my research.
I’ve been researching my family, the Chambers family, and have found that we have a lot of roots in New Buckenham. Names from the mid to late 1800’s include William, John, Charles and Robert to name just a few. If anyone can help with any more information it would be very much appreciated.
Thanks in anticipation.
Mike Chambers, email:

19) Palmer 1776
April 08

Hello Paul and Gavin (Message 15)Was interested to see Gavin’s message about the Palmer family in Old Buckenham, as I also have distant relations who lived there in the 18th and 19th centuries:

PALMER family 1: James Palmer born 1776 Kenninghall, 1841, 1851 and 1861 census at Old Buckenham, Church Green, retired farmer.

PALMER family 2: Edwin Palmer (son of above James Palmer) wife Frances (nee Drake) and son Ephraim James Palmer born 1838 Old Buckenham, 1841 census at Banham.

PALMER family 3: Jane Palmer (widow of above Ephraim James Palmer) 1881 census at Church Green, Old Buckenham with daughter Frances and son Ephraim, apprentice.

WELLS family: Frances Wells born 1786 and sister Sarah Wells born 1801 both at Kenninghall, were left farms at Banham and Winfarthing in their father Henry Well’s will of 1841 (source: NOAH website). 1841 census Frances and Sarah are at Banham; 1851 census they are Annuitants, age 64 and 49, The Street, Winfathing.

THROWER family: Not much to go on here, but Mary Thrower baptised 20/05/1727 at Banham, (father John Thrower, mother Sarah Pryner) may have married my ancestor James Murton 10/10/1756 at North Lopham. The family later moved to Kenninghall and are related by marriage to the Palmer and Wells families.

Janice Murton

18) Cordingley
March 08

Hi I came across your website and wished to ask if you could help me in locating my godparents graves, my name is Samantha Cordingley the daughter of Jim and Sue Cordingley, my parents used to live in Crown Way up the road from my godparents at No 2 Crown Way. They then brought the plot of land opposite the Kings Head pub and built the house “Burbank” of which they sold, they now live in Spain. I want to visit and put closure on childhood thoughts and memories. I know that its possable a lot to ask, I give the following information to try and help you locate this information. Lucy a shopkeeper owned the shop opposite the old fish and chip shop just up from my old school. The then headmaster was Mr Gurny and I was taught by Violet Rout, Grandma Rrout was down the lane just before the Mace shop not sure if any of this still exists. I didnt go to my uncles funeral as I was away and my parents didn’t wish me to be upset and come home. I did get to go to my aunties funeral but its one of those moments where I have blocked yet another date to be able to tell you their daughter Ann has 2 sons one of which Marc who is blind and the other son is in the armed forces and I have no contact for her I dont have their sons details either.
My godparents were called Vic and Doris Woolston, my uncle was a vicar at Banham church and my aunt did quite a lot of flowers and meals on wheels.
I hope that this a possible request and hope to hear from you soon. I have plenty of stories and other things that might be of interest to your site I just wish I could remember the information I need but the pain was to great and I’ve blocked alot out.
Kindest regards

17) Bale, Trappit, Kerrison (1617)
Feb 08

Hi Paul I am hoping some knowledgeable Banham historian can help me with my family history. I wondering if Robert Bale b 1617 married Ann Trappit or John Bale b 1656 m Elizabeth Kerrison all born Banham or their relations were land owners in the area or if there are any historical records relating to them. Thanks
Regards Diana, surfcoast australia

16) Archer (1812) Old Buckenham
Jan 08

Hi Paul, I am descended from the Archer family from Old Buckenham: William Archer born around 1812 and his son John born about 1836 (they moved to Dartford, Kent later where they were shopkeepers). Does anyone have any information about the Archers?
Thanks very much,

15) Palmer (1807-1873) in Old Buckenham
Nov 07 See reply 19

Paul, It was interesting to read the reference on your website to property owned by Edward Palmer (1807-1873) (see topic 3 below) in Old Buckenham. He was the brother of my 3g grandmother Ann Palmer (1813-1864). I have him living at Hill House, Old Buckenham in 1871. He appears to have inherited a farm from his father Edward Palmer (1780-1838), and also and had a brother Robert (b 1810). Edward (b1780) may have been the son of Edward Palmer and Susannah Spalding who married in Old Buckenham in 1773.It’s also interesting that your website mentions Edward mortgaging property to Bertha Elizabeth Clowes in 1871. She was the sister of the New Buckenham solicitor Arthur Talent Clowes and his son Edward Norris Clowes, who appear to have handled a lot of conveyancing for the Palmer family up to the 1870’s.

My information comes from will’s, family letters and internet research, but I live in Cumbria and have never visited the village. I would be very interested in any details you might have on the family from your local knowledge.

Best regards, Gavin Ranson (copy and paste into mail programme)

14) Beales & Pierce 1770s
Sept 07

Is there any street maps of Banham around the 1770’s. My GREAT GREAT GREAT Grandfather was born 1771 in Banham, Norfolk. His name was William Beales (Bale) wife Amy Pierce (Persea). He was a pig butcher in Banham so I assume he lived in town. If you can help, please let me know.Thanks Marie Brant (copy and paste into mail programme)
His son James is my connection of Beales.

13) Georgge Worby and Rebekah Quantrill 1799/1806
Aug 07

I’m looking for the ancestors of:George Worby (parents believed to be Henry Warby and Elizabeth Bolden) Of Banham, born: 1799 Baptised June 15, 1800, died: March 20, 1871. Buried: St. Johns Churchyard, Brookbury, Quebec, Canada


Rebekah Quantrill (parents believed to be Joseph Quantrill and Ann?) of Old Buckenham b:December 29, 1806 d.Sept 13,1856. Buried: St. Johns Churchyard, Brookbury, Quebec, Canada

Marriage date 22 November 1825. Left for Canada on the vessel Indemity in 1836.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

Stacey Yeggy ( – copy and paste into mail programme)

12) Deleted 7-09

11) John Abra Great Green, Banham 1821
Feb 07

I’m looking into my family history, (Abra), and have gone back as far as John Abra from Banham (born 1821).The later census’ had John’s address as Great Green, Banham. I can’t find anything further back than John though.

Does anyone know exactly where Great Green would have been? I have been through Banham once, and I seem to remember a large village green, would it be around this?

I would appreciate any help
Dean Abra, Sheerness, Kent

10) Kemps 1893
Jan 07

I’m researching John Hooker Barker who married Mary Gooderham who lived in Banham …their daughter Mary bc 1860 married James Arther Kemp in 1893 at Banham …was wondering if any descendants may still in the district , I know there are 2-3 families of Kemps in the district still.Other children of John and Mary are…Harry,Charlotte and Sarah all born between 1860- 1874 in Banham..

Many thanks

John Cannon, 23 McNaughton Drive, Gawler, Tasmania Australia 7315. Email:

9) Thirza Baker
Jan 07

While browsing the Nottingham workhouse site, I discovered a Banham stray on the 1881 census which may be of some interest to a local.Thirza Baker unmarried aged 63, a dressmaker place of birth Banham.This was pure chance, as we have only recently moved from near Nottingham to Kenninghall.

8) St. Michael School, 1700s
Dec 06

Hi Paul: Thank you for posting my other questions in the forum. I’ve been able to at least narrow the property down to a certain area with the help of the residents of OB. I do have something else to ask that may be a bit easier. I’m looking for the school that my very great grandfather was the schoolmaster back in the 1700s called St. Michael. Does anyone happen to know a) Does it still exist? or b) Where was it located?Thank You,
Mat Gedge, Tampa FL USA

7) William Barham born 1782 (con)
Nov 06

William Barham born 1782 was married to Elizabeth Folger on 30th September 1804 in Banham parish church. Elizabeth died in 1825 aged 45. Any information on either parents or her death would be helpful.

6) William Barham born 1782
Nov 06

I am researching the Barham family of Banham and have hit a brick wall.
David Barham born 1818 married Mary Moore Dec 1840 at Banham Parish Church. He was the son of William Barham born 1782 but who was his Mother??. William was a widower in 1841 census. Any info however small would be appreciated.Di Barham

5) Mary Ann Leach b. 1837 in Old Buckenham
Sept 06

Dear Paul.
We are tracing our family, we don’t have alot to go on, but we are looking for anything related to a Mary Ann Leach b. 1837 in Old Buckenham. Perhaps you could post this on your board to see if anyone else is connected to the Leaches/Leeches.
Many Thanks

4) Gilbert Family Enquiry
Sept 06

Hi Paul. I’m trying to find out about my ancestors who lived in Banham. I’ve traced my direct line back to Robert Gilbert who was around in 1849 at his son’s wedding. This is not the Robert Gilbert who built the composite mill, but the next generation down. My current task is to track down Robert snrs will, in the hope of discovering the 2 Robert’s relationship to each other.I’d like to know if anyone has any information on the Gilbert family. Are there any records or transcriptions held locally (eg Monumental inscriptions of the churchyard)? What was the local newspaper between 1800 and 1900? If anyone can help, my e-mail address is I’d be really pleased to hear from you.

Thank you, Paul, for taking the trouble to produce such an interesting, crisp website which has given me an idea of what Banham is like today. Anna-May Bridger

3) Old Buck Street Names (part 2)
August 06

I did find some additional information that I’m not sure would help but I do know that the property in question was sold to Edward Palmer (see topic 15), who mortgaged it in 1871, then the mortgage was assigned to Bertha Elizabeth Clowes in Beales Family tree: There was a Henry Beales that worked closely with my Great Great Great Grandfather in the construction business back in the 1800s.

Mat Gedge, August 06, Tampa, FL USA –

2) Beales Family Tree
August 06

Hi Paul:  I will be in the Banham area Sep 24, 25, & 26th, 2006 researching the William Beales and Amy Pierce family.  They had 3 sons John (1804); James (1806-1879); and Samuel (1808), all born in Banham.  My connection is to James who was my grt, grt grandfather on my mother’s side.  If there is any family directly related, still living in the area, I would be pleased to meet them.
Even if there is no family connections in Banham, I am very much looking forward to seeing the village for myself.  Ilene Terry

1) Old Buck Street Names
August 06

Dear Paul: Great site by the way! We accessed it quite often when we made our trip over there and found it quite helpful! Thanks!

I have a question that you or someone might be able to help me with. One of the reasons I came to Old Buck was to research my ancestors that lived there from the 1700s to present. I recently came across some information about the property they owned and was wondering if someone could tell me where it may be. I can’t find it on any maps anywhere so it was probably renamed.

The letter reads:
“Deeds of two enclosures on Wraggs or Dragg Way one of Greengate Way (also called Further West Crofts, Great West Crofts and Bramble Field, near Broom Hill Field Lane.”

If it is possible to post it or forward it to someone that knows the history of the area it would be a great help to me. I’d love to be able to come back and actually know where the property was. We all had quite an enjoyable time!

Thank You
Mat Gedge, Tampa, FL USA –